Sender Ramp - Tabletop leg sets 200 - 350 - 500 - 650

kr 350,00kr 450,00



Standard Tabletop Leg Sets

You should ONLY select one of these Leg sets if you already own a tabletop and would like to adapt it for a bigger or smaller ramp OR you would like to add additional legs at the beginning to give you maximum flexibility if you have bought different sizes of take off and landing ramps.

It is possible to have a set (pair) of 350 and 500 Legs fixed with hinges at the same time OR 500 and 650 legs OR 350 and 650 legs. PLUS you can still use and bolt on the 200 legs on any of these combinations meaning NO SCREW DRIVER is needed to remove hinges for 3 ramp sizes.

Branding – Artwork fee applies in addition.

200 Legs are compatible with the 200 Ramp

350 Legs are compatible with the 350 Ramps

500 Legs are compatible with the 500 Ramps

650 Legs are Compatible with the 650 Extension



200 Legs, 350 Legs, 500 Legs, 650 Legs


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