Sender Ramp - Tabletop

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Designed and Manufactured in Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands

This product is the SENDER LAUNCH PAD TABLETOP 1100 mm LONG – The take off and landing ramp is NOT INCLUDED!

Our Compact, Portable and Lightweight tabletop fills the gap quickly between ALL OF OUR RAMPS! 

Our Tabletops can be bolted end to end with 2 or more Tabletops to increase the gap distance. It is possible to attach two different set of legs permanently to the tabletop and still attach the 200 extension legs. This offers maximum flexibility and minimum FAFF.

You can also create drop offs. Simply remove one of the ramps, unfold and secure the legs placing the cross baton to hold the legs open.

Innovative, lightweight, portable and space saving ramps designed for minimum F***ing (faffing 😉 around. Throw them down and be jumping in seconds.

A game changer with modern funky design. This range of ramps has multiple bolt on components coming soon so you can extend the range. We have succeeded in making this range excellent value for money and easy to ship by offering them flat packed. However, you have the option to have them assembled by Team Sender.

Super strong design with Birch Plywood legs and Phenolic plywood surfaces all CNC cut in our workshop in Inverness. All exposed plywood should be treated annually with a deck preservative.

Assembly is straight forward with basic tools, assistant and by watching our Assembly Films on our Youtube Channel.

This range is absolutely spot on for clubs, coaches, instructors and centres. This range has been designed to offer opportunities for isolating and working on Skills and Techniques development for all abilities across many MTB and BMX scenarios.

Awesome value for money with the bomber build quality expected of Sender Ramps.





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